Coaching Action Plan

In this final blog post, I am going to be reflecting on how the past year has gone and then how I can improve myself in the years to come. Throughout the year I have looked at different coaching practices that can be used when coaching athletes, but I have also looked to see if they are equally as effective through analysis. This year has provided me with lots of different theoretical concepts and processes to try out and see which works best with certain athletes, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ when coaching. However, due to the circumstances I haven’t been able to actively put theory into practice yet and have had to do a lot of this through imagination, this is therefore something I want to take forward in both my coaching and analysis work.

Over the second year of university, I wanted to gain more clarity on what I wanted to do with my degree upon its completion. From this I have continued my interest in analysis and this remains an area where I plan to do work in football in the coming years. As well as this, I have enjoyed the few practical coaching sessions that we have had, and this has made me become more interested in progressing through my coaching badges and intern considering coaching as another option for the future, however, I feel like I would be more suited to higher end academy or elite football rather than lower age groups. I would like to be have completed my level 1 and 2 in football by summer 2022. Although there a some questions marks over the effectiveness of the coaching badges, I feel like the workshop content, would go hand in hand with the theoretical concepts learnt from University and therefore lead to my coaching ability increasing massively.

One thing that these blog posts have helped me with this year is regularly reading literature, which is something I previously did not do. I found that it did not only help on the grass but it helps me to understand why I’m doing it, for example in the ‘creating the creative blog’ I didn’t realise how important it was to push the more intelligent players to be at their best and try new things in order to develop. It has also been interesting to see how my course peers have gone about concepts in relation to their own styles of coaching or sports they coach in. Finally, I would like to return to my analysis placement for my third year of university and look to coach or manage an 11 aside team, to test my ability and add to my employability level.

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