Coaching Action Plan

In this final blog post, I am going to be reflecting on how the past year has gone and then how I can improve myself in the years to come. Throughout the year I have looked at different coaching practices that can be used when coaching athletes, but I have also looked to see if … Continue reading Coaching Action Plan

Implicit Learning

Implicit learning is an established motor learning technique, and is beneficial to learners as it allows them to perform undisrupted skills, even when they are placed under stress and other adverse conditions, such as; distractions and fatigue (Poolton & Zachry, 2007). This is built on the work of Masters, who explained that implicit learning is … Continue reading Implicit Learning

Constructive Alignment

Constructive alignments meaning is split over the two words. The ‘constructive’ aspect of the term, looks at what the learner is doing in the relevant activities. The ‘alignment’ term considers what the teacher or authority figure does in order to set up a work environment for that learner, by giving them activities that are relevant … Continue reading Constructive Alignment

An Expert Coach

There are many coaches that are considered to be experts, but what makes them have this title? Is it based on success and experiences or is it simply down to their knowledge and understanding of a particular sport. In my personal opinion on what an expert coach is and its relation to football, I think … Continue reading An Expert Coach

Non-Linear Pedagogy

Non linear pedagogy is a paradigm for understanding human movement and for designing teaching approaches that could teach sport skills in a more effective way (Chow et al., 2015). It considers three principles; Variability in practice, Representative Learning Designs and Simplifying tasks. Variability is where the practice is changed in order to differ the same … Continue reading Non-Linear Pedagogy

The Female Athlete

I thought it would be interesting to look at a potential grey area in sport, by focusing on the female athletes involvement in sport; comparison to a male, the ‘female athlete triad’ and then the difference in pay or opportunity when they reach elite sport. There are many factors that can affect a females participation … Continue reading The Female Athlete

Blocked v Random

Motor learning skills are vital when it comes to skill transfer and long-term retention. Skills are acquired using specific techniques and are refined through great levels of repetition (Croce & DePaepe, 1989). It is said by psychologists that random practice increases the long term skill retention significantly more than that of blocked practice (Carpenter, 2001). Within … Continue reading Blocked v Random

How do managers communicate with their players during games?

Following on from the discussion of the coaches role during a game, in the previous lesson, I thought it would be interesting to explore how they communicate with their players throughout a game and the different ways of this being done. In the photo above is Burnley manager Sean Dyche, motivating his players during a … Continue reading How do managers communicate with their players during games?


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